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Allison Iraheta => American Idol Reject: Allison Iraheta

File this the single in the “i feel distressing for remembering this” file. we often recollect her for cheering her approach by “cry baby” as well as “Papa Was A Rolling Stone” (which i’m commencement to consider is the usually motown strain which any of these foolish donkey American Idol halfwits know). Who in their right thoughts tells these kids which they have great singing voices? That’s what we would similar to to know. She announced her approach by each fucking strain she sang. This enclosed during slightest the single jazz standard. Please kids, go behind as well as during slightest LISTEN to the little fucking jazz prior to singing it. Jazz singers do not shout. This lady is not the initial the single to have it to the “top … Read entire article »

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Allison Iraheta => Allison Iraheta: Just Like You

What do we get when we mix a low-pitched styles of Kelly Clarkson, Pink, as well as Ashlee Simpson?One of a most appropriate pop/rock womanlike artists of a past couple of years: Little Miss Allison Iraheta. we theory it’s no warn which we am conduct over heels in adore with her manuscript “Just Like You”, given we was a air blower of Allison’s upon American Idol. (Homegirl should have WON). However, we will confess to being shocked which her tag would turn her in to an irritating teenage popstar singing about Jay-Z songs. (Heeeey Miley). we was wrong. There’s usually a single strain we would happily take off a album, as well as which is “Robot Love”. That has zero to do with Allison or her music, usually a actuality … Read entire article »

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Allison Iraheta => Allison Iraheta Invades Manila!

Written by: Kevin PableoPhotos by: Kevin PableoWednesday 5/4/10 7:06 PM The fourth place finalist in Season 8 of American Idol, Allison Iraheta was in Manila for a special showcase to foster her entrance manuscript “Just Like You” from May 3 to 5, 2010. Around 6 PM, a VJ’s of Channel V namely Alvey, Georgina & Cliff hosted a pre uncover eventuality to perform a throng watchful for Allison Iraheta. They hosted a mini diversion where in they asked questions regarding to Channel V, Allison Iraheta & American Idol. Around 6:30 PM, Ms. Iraheta went up to a theatre as well as achieved 5 songs to her fans. She perform a strain behind in her Idol days as well as songs from her entrance album, to referred to a integrate of songs similar to … Read entire article »

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